Because your girl loves you more

When I was a little l kid, my father used to tell me one day will come and you’ll understand what is the actual meaning of life. Life doesn’t tell you, oh you can’t do that or yeah you can do that. We are the people who make it complicated and for girls, it’s more complicated than others. My father brought me up like a son, he always tells me to listen to my brain, not others. Being a girl, I never had a thought why I am a girl, why I can’t do those cool things my brothers can do but I can’t because my father never gives me an opportunity to think that. Being supportive of your girls doesn’t mean you’re against society. Father is always the backbone of a girl, give your girl a chance to raise their invisible wings and let them fly how high they can. Just be their shadow so that they can choose the right way of life.

-To all the great fathers in this world 🙂

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