The smell​ of summer….

Whenever spring comes, you really feel alive. It doesn’t feel like you are in a dead city. It doesn’t feel like to hide in the bed as winter is over.  Birds start singing their own type of songs.  It feels like whistling even you know that it’s a temporary feeling.

I know that I will pay full attention to spring, I will try to check every single flower that is going to bloom, every leaf which is about to be mature and get ready for summer. I will seat in my garden, feel the sweet sunshine in my face,  close my eyes and listen to birds chirping.

I don’t know why I love summer so much, I can already smell it.  I feel like spring is the wake-up call,  you know that good day is not very far. It allows you to go outside, take a deep breath and feel the air and keep taking that peaceful deep breath again and again.

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