Today I choose life….

What is more important, loving yourself or loving the life that society will approve?

It really scares and makes me anxious to ask someone this question.

So many people I know, live within unhappy circumstances and yet will not take the initiative to change their situation because they have to pretend like everything is normal and they are the happiest. Especially women’s in our society facing this kind of problems. I asked them why don’t you just leave everything and live your life just  for yourself, the answer is always the same doesn’t matter how many people I ask, “Society will not accept it”

Why we have to think about society all the time? What is our position in society? why we can’t just think about us? Why we have to think about society’s acceptance where we don’t even exist? They don’t even treat you as a human. I know,  A women’s role has changed tremendously and is making its greatest impact in our society today but being women is a curse in some society. You can’t even think about breathing without the permission of all these unknown people. Why they are so important? No one has got the answer.

Those people who choose to live their life and don’t care about the society they become bad examples for normal people, it will be always “don’t be like them and follow the unwritten rules”

It’s really hard to explain to the people that society is ugly not them,  they should not think about that ugly group of people and ruin their beautiful life. It is high time to take a step forward and forget about what The society will think.

Each time I mention society its not just the men, there are so many women as well who likes to throw dirt on other women. They forget that they are the people who can actually make a real impact on changing their position. They forget that they don’t have unscrewed another woman’s light bulb to shine their one.

We need to love our self and keep working on how to successfully bring out the inner peace. We have to support each other. we should not allow anyone to make us feel like we don’t matter.  Our value doesn’t decrease if other people cant see we are worth something.  Your mental health should be the priority, and we should live with those people who are good for our mental health and ignore those ones who are here to judge you, point finger on you and put you down.

I feel like, you have to brave enough to walk away from this narrow-minded society and find yourself because “Finding yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”

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