She loved her life but ….

She was an old soul in the new unrecognised world.  She was broken but believe that better days will come soon. She waits patiently for the magic that life will show. She was a girl who has a backpack and a mountain to climb.

She remembered dad told her that she has to go on, no matter what comes behind. She was a dreamer but she was not allowed to dream for herself. She was selfish everyone said, she couldn’t say no. She was standing in a circle which didn’t have an end. She was in between giving up and how much she can take. She was independent in her own cage. She was beautiful poetry but in a weird world where no one likes it.

She was one of the mysterious ones, she refused to live her life like that and then decided to live her life the way she had imagined. He smiled and said he will always be right behind. Her heart was in a thousand pieces and he was the one magnet to join them.

She said where you have been?

He said you loved your life and I am here to love you back …

She smiled and realised how beautiful life can be…

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