1st Fathers day note From Son to Dad

Hello Baba,
Hope you are doing well.
I still don’t know how to write so Maa is helping me to do that. Do you remember the day Maa told you she is having me, You were over the phone, I couldn’t hear your reply properly as I was so tiny but I felt your happy tears… Do you remember the day I was born, the doctor told you my heart rate was too high, you were standing whole night holding maa’s hand, cause you knew that we needed you the most that time. The time I was born and you hold me for the first time, I knew, that’s my Baba. Do you remember you cried when you couldn’t do my nappy and when you didn’t know how to feed me or anything about this little creature?

Maa told me, you have the nicest heart, the most beautiful smile and you love me the most … Thanks for being the best Baba, thanks for waking up every night to seat with maa when she feeds me, thanks for helping me to fall asleep, thanks for tucking my blanket nicely so I can sleep comfy, thanks for changing my dirty nappies(excuse me for that), thanks for telling me stories, read my books, playing, laughing and talking to me, help me to always understand what I need to know. I just want to be like you Baba, when I am all grown up. So take my little hands and lead me on my way.
Happy 1st fathers day Baba…
I love you the most …..

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